The winner receives a modeling contract with One Models, a spread in Cosmopolitan Magazine and a Skoda Octavia.


Contestant Original Rank All-Star Rank
Sainabou Sosseh 13th 14th/13th
Aminata Sanogo 6th
Laura Kristen 17th 12th
Jana Heinisch 15th/14th 11th/10th
Lisa Gelbrich 12th
Antonia Balzer 16th 9th
Samantha Brock 9th 8th
Anna Lena Wilken 10th (quit) 7th
Simona Hartl 15th/14th 6th
Nancy Nagel 8th 5th/4th
Betty Taube 4th
Nathalie Volk 5th 3rd
Jolina Fust Runner-up Runner-up
Karlin Obiango 7th Winner


Episode 1: Welcome Back

  • First eliminated: Sainabou Sosseh
  • Bottom Three: Aminata Sanogo, Laura Kristen & Lisa Gelbrich
  • Second Eliminated: Aminata Sanogo
  • Special guests: Katy Perry

Episode 2: Fashion Walk

  • Bottom Three: Antonia Balzer, Jana Heinisch & Laura Kristen
  • Eliminated: Laura Kristen
  • Special guests: Rihanna

Episode 3: Photo Edition

  • Bottom Four: Antonia Balzer, Jana Heinisch, Lisa Gelbrich & Samantha Brock
  • Eliminated: Jana Heinisch & Lisa Gelbrich
  • Special guests: Alyssa Milano

Episode 4: Acting Edition

  • Eliminated: Antonia Balzer
  • Special guests: Britney Spears

Episode 5: Extreme Edition

  • Bottom Three: Nancy Nagel, Samantha Brock & Simona Hartl
  • Eliminated: None
  • Special guests: Taio Cruz

Episode 6: Film Edition

  • Bottom Two: Anna Lena Wilken & Samantha Brock
  • Eliminated: Samantha Brock
  • Special guests: Jessica Simpson

Episode 7: Love Edition

  • Bottom Two: Anna Lena Wilken & Betty Taube
  • Eliminated: Anna Lena Wilken
  • Special guests: Sarah Jessica Parker

Episode 8: Casting Edition

  • Bottom Two: Nancy Nagel & Simona Hartl
  • Eliminated: Simona Hartl
  • Special guests: Avril Lavigne

Episode 9: Red Carpet Edition

  • First eliminated: Nancy Nagel
  • Bottom Two: Betty Taube & Nathalie Volk
  • Second eliminated: Betty Taube
  • Special guests: Will Smith

Episode 10: Live Finale

  • Final Three: Jolina Fust, Karlin Obiango & Nathalie Volk
  • Eliminated: Nathalie Volk
  • Final Two: Jolina Fust & Karlin Obiango
  • All Star's Next Top Model: Karlin Obiango

Call Out Order

Heidi's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 SimonaJolinaAnnaNancyBettyNathalieNancyKarlinJolinaKarlinKarlin
2 JolinaSamanthaKarlinBettyJolinaSimonaJolinaNathalieNancyJolinaJolina
3 KarlinAnnaNancyNathalieKarlinNancyKarlinJolinaKarlinNathalie
4 AnnaNancyBettyJolinaNathalieBettyNathalieBettyNathalie
5 SainabouBettyNathalieKarlinAnnaJolinaSimonaNancyBetty
6 AntoniaNathalieSimonaAntoniaNancyKarlinBettySimona
7 NathalieLisaJolinaAnnaSamanthaAnnaAnna
8 SamanthaKarlinJanaSimonaSimonaSamantha
9 NancySimonaAntoniaSamantha
10 BettyAntoniaSamantha
11 JanaJanaLisa
12 LisaLaura
13 Laura
14 Aminata