• A modeling contract with IMG Models New York
  • A spread and cover in Nylon & Jolie Magazine
  • A $150,000 cash prize
  • A campaign with Chanel


Contestant Previous Rank All-Stars Rank
Bianca Alexa 16th 14th
Don Benjamin 8th 12th/13th
Cory Wade Hindorff 3rd 12th/13th
Chris Schellenger 15th 11th
Jeremy Rohmer 7th 9th/10th
Marvin Cortes Runner-Up 9th/10th
Bianca "Kanani" Andaluz 12th 8th
Jiana Davis 11th 7th
Phil Sullivan 10th 6th
Mike Scocozza 13th 5th
Chris Hernandez 4th 4th
Renee Bhagwandeen 5th 3rd
Alexandra Agro 9th Runner-Up
Nina Burns 6th Winner

Call-Out OrderEdit

Tyra's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 Chris H.ReneeNinaAlexandraNinaReneeNinaNinaReneeNinaNina
2 ReneeAlexandraAlexandraReneeAlexandraMikeAlexandraReneeNinaAlexandraAlexandra
3 DonChris S.JeremyKananiReneeNinaReneeAlexandraAlexandraRenee
4 MikeJianaKananiPhilPhilAlexandraChris H.Chris H.Chris H.
5 PhilJeremyJianaMikeChris H.PhilMikeMike
6 Chris S.NinaMarvinJianaJianaChris H.Phil
7 AlexandraKananiReneeNinaMikeJiana
8 JianaMarvinChris H.Chris H.Kanani
9 KananiPhilMikeJeremy
10 JeremyChris H.PhilMarvin
11 CoryMikeChris S.
12 Nina Cory
13 Marvin Don
14 Bianca


Episode 1Edit

  • First Call-Out: Chris Hernandez
  • Bottom Two: Bianca Alexa & Marvin Cortes
  • Eliminated: Bianca Alexa
  • Special Guests: David Guetta

Episode 2Edit

  • First Call-Out: Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Bottom Three: Cory Wade Hindorff, Don Benjamin & Mike Scocozza
  • Eliminated: Cory Wade Hindorff & Don Benjamin
  • Special Guests: Coco Rocha

Episode 3Edit

  • First Call-Out: Nina Burns
  • Bottom Two: Chris Schellenger & Phil Sullivan
  • Eliminated: Chris Schellenger
  • Special Guests: Naomi Campell

Episode 4Edit

  • First call-Out: Alexandra Agro
  • Bottom Three: Chris Hernandez, Jeremy Rohmer & Marvin Cortes
  • Eliminated: Jeremy Rohmer & Marvin Cortes
  • Special Guests: Heidi Klum

Episode 5Edit

  • First Call-Out: Nina Burns
  • Bottom Two: Kanani Andaluz & Mike Scocozza
  • Eliminated: Kanani Andaluz
  • Special Guests: Karolina Kurkova

Episode 6Edit

  • First Call-Out: Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Bottom Two: Chris Hernandez & Jiana Davis
  • Eliminated: Jiana Davis
  • Special Guests: Cara Delevigne

Episode 7Edit

  • First Call-Out: Nina Burns
  • Bottom Two: Mike Scocozza & Phil Sullivan
  • Eliminated: Phil Sullivan
  • Special Guests: Lily Cole

Episode 8Edit

  • First Call-Out: Nina Burns
  • Bottom Two: Chris Hernandez & Mike Scocozza
  • Eliminated: Mike Scocozza
  • Special Guests: Jessica Simpson

Episode 9Edit

  • First Call-Out: Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Bottom Two: Alexandra Agro & Chris Hernandez
  • Eliminated: Chris Hernandez
  • Special Guests: Shakira

Episode 10Edit

  • First Call-Out: Nina Burns
  • Bottom Two: Alexandra Agro & Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Eliminated: Renee Bhagwandeen
  • Final Two: Alexandra Agro & Nina Burns
  • America's Next Top Model: Nina Burns
  • Special Guests: Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson